YouTube CAN change Lives

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

As hard as it is to grow on the YouTube platform one thing is real, it is not impossible.

It takes time, it is a long journey or maybe not, but I can’t help but mention that this platform can change lives, has changed lives and continues to change the lives of everyone on all four continents.

The first person to be transformed by the YouTube platform is the content creator, let’s see, he will have to specify a niche and study about that, no matter how dominant the area is he will still have to prepare the script better, then comes the audio and video editing, then he starts to transform himself into a person who helps people, solves people’s problems this depending on his niche.

You can talk about various assistants, cooking, baking, teaching recipes, or be a maths teacher, be an investor who teaches others how to invest their money and so the list of examples grows, but above all do something you love to do.

The second person to be changed by YouTube is the consumer of content, because they look for content to solve something, even entertainment solves problems because some people look for entertainment to unwind, after a lot of stress from work, after school, after homework, even in this entertainment helps.

And the consumer can identify with the creator, the way of speaking, the same tastes and interests, many creators have no idea how they can affect the lives of people who watch them, so I advise, be who you are in creating content, this serves even for us writers, I identify with many writers not only by their stories but by their way of writing, thinking and more and the more to YouTube you can see the person who is talking?

And YouTube can change lives when you gain visibility from brands to advertise their products, your life can change because of it, many creators have made it to Tv thanks to YouTube, singers have managed to go viral their music thanks to YouTube, dancers, designers, teachers, instrumentalists and all kinds of people who decided to film their skills.

So it is not just about the money, because writing like this it seems that everything I’ve mentioned here is easy, but it is not! The money becomes a consequence, most of the creators I know started of love for the platform, the money was just a consequence.

Go ahead and make your living and you can’t help thinking about your livelihood, but there’s a lot involved, your whole life is involved, the lives of the people who accompany you are involved, because you created a community, a network, a family.

I’ve already written about the reality of YouTube for creators and I want to point out that my channel is not monetized yet but my life has completely changed, it’s like here on the Medium platform, I still don’t have absurd earnings to make it my source of livelihood, but my life has changed since I got to know the platform and I have goals to reach.

One thing we need to be aware of is that all platforms creators need to be active and constant in the creation of content but quality content and value, that will make people stay, this I call loyalty.

And so I end my story, YouTube changing lives is not for the future, it’s a reality, if you liked this story help me by clicking on the clap and follow for more stories and feel free to give me a nice tip, see you guys.



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