Worth writing?

What you are going to read can be an incentive for you or make you sure that maybe it is the best time to stop writing

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Are we in the generation that says they love writing because they can pay for their writing?

Well, have you ever wondered why one of the things that man has developed today is writing? since writing has been around since the most ancient times, writing reveals man’s will to express himself and leave reports, stories or tales.

Today we find cave paintings because men used this to tell where they came from and where they would go, leaving lessons for the future generation as well.

In all of this, we can see the need to communicate and the act of writing comes from that, now I ask myself, why write just to make money?

Such an incredible skill as much as it can be remunerated shouldn’t be seen like this, there’s a lot of history behind this ability.

Do you write because you love to write? What are your motivations for writing?

If you have any good answers, congratulations, I hope they are good motivations.

But if you just have the wrong motivations I’m so sorry but you don’t know the art of writing, for students, even the best content was left in books, not everything you can find on the internet, do you believe that everyone who wrote books intended to enrich themselves by selling them?

They had no idea of ​​the good they were doing for us, if today we have access to the best content about Design thanks to Leonardo DaVinci, at that time DaVinci thought about writing because he wanted to earn money? He didn’t care about that, he was creative and wanted to pass on his knowledge to others, he was a real artist.

Why write?

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I didn’t know that one day I would write so often since I was little I grew up writing poems, songs, poems, stories, I always had a wide imagination, I even created comics and I always wrote and told stories I wanted to read, I loved to change the ending from Cartoon Network cartoons because I’m often dissatisfied with the ending and today I write so often because when I write I’m putting pieces of myself.

It’s like a building, it has several stones, I know I’m building something and when I finish one day I’ll look and say that these are stones that I placed a long time ago.

Writing is a long-term investment, I’ve helped myself by reading something I’ve written to help other people.

Writing is like music, you give yourself, you open up to whoever will read it, in the end, the intention is to create connectivity between us writers and readers, and that’s what’s missing these days because we’re losing the power there is. in the writing.

Have you ever been helped by reading something? Thank the author, have you ever identified with a character in a story you read? Thank the author for being able to write something as if he knew you.

If my writing makes me money, okay, I will be very grateful I invest time in this, but if I get messages from people who are being touched and helped by what I write, even better.

I’ve already talked about content creation, as it is one of the most profitable businesses in the world, if not the most profitable, read more here.

Why do you write? If writing doesn’t make you money, will you keep writing?

From time to time asking yourself this question will help you stay focused on what is important to you, nothing against those who do it for money.

Many successes to all writers and readers.



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