Why is it so hard to get MONETIZATION on YouTube?

3 min readSep 18, 2021


Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

YouTube is a search platform that pays its users who create content on the platform, in this case, they pay all those who become partners of the search platform.

But what kind of search?

Search for video content, YouTube being a Google product and Google being the world’s largest search platform if I’m not mistaken in what I say, you become a Google worker in effect.

But why is it so difficult to earn with the channel?

As all platforms have their criteria, Google in this case YouTube would be no different, besides creating content you must have 1,000 subscribers and your channel must add 4,000 hours of viewing which is technically called Watch Time, but it doesn’t stop there, there are the Thumbnails that will result in the clicks on the videos, so it’s a long process.

And as a content creator I also have a YouTube channel and I’m in the struggle to reach that so dreamed goal, so I invest seriously in the production of my content just like I do here at Medium, I’m a Graphic Designer and I want to make a living from content creation because it’s something I’m good at and I feel a calling in this too.

The reality of the YouTube platform

And it doesn’t happen overnight, everyone who exploded to success very quickly is an exception, outside of that, as a search engine requires SEO which is nothing more is Search Engine Optimization, so that when people search for content yours appears.

This is where the difficulty lies on YouTube, you depend on the platform to suggest your videos to people looking for some content that helps them, so we should focus on specific niches, many people do not grow on YouTube because they talk about everything, create content about everything, this way the YouTube algorithm can not distinguish what is the niche of your channel.

I see in other channels, their creators earning a lot of money with their content, it’s not for nothing that it’s difficult to monetize a channel, because it’s worth the effort you can see thinking about the earnings it can generate, that’s why this profession is not easy, being a content creator, there’s a beauty in seeing a video ready but the backstory of it is difficult many times involving editing, audio, all these counts including what you’re going to talk in the video so that YouTube suggests your channel.

Conclusion of my argument

My friends, a platform like this is of course not easy to monetize, your hits will depend on you and the algorithm, you will have to convince the algorithm to deliver your videos to consumers and this will be possible with many studies of the platform, do not make the mistake of wanting to grow in a platform whatever it is without studying it, this will only generate frustration and inconsistency in you until you give up.

As I wrote earlier, all those who get views and subscribers fast are an exception and many of these fail to maintain constancy because they create content of the moment, fast food content and know nothing about timeless content, which will be sought after always, in all seasons.

My native language is Portuguese and I produce content in this language on the YouTube platform and I invite you all to visit my channel because I always put subtitles in many languages on the content I create, thanks for your time reading, subscribe for more stories and feel free to put a clap and share a lot it… see you in the next story.