Who is not on the internet doesn’t exist

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The biggest change that our generation has had the privilege of showing is the advancement of information technology, in other words, the internet.

But even so, many people refuse to have a presence on the internet, they barely know what they are doing, because those who aren’t on the internet don’t exist, don’t wait for the future, this is where this is happening!

Why is not having a presence on the internet non-existence?

Imagine your business, you haven’t created a business profile on Instagram or a Facebook page, how do you want people to know about your business?

Even if you don’t care, even if you don’t have a personal profile on any social network, you don’t exist either, how much more your business?

Today it all boils down to: I want candy, let me look at Instagram; Wow, I want a personalized cover for my smartphone, I’m going to take a look at Facebook…

Do you do that? It’s normal, I do too, but I also see my Graphic Design and Social Media services on Instagram and Facebook and look, I’ve been found, would it be different for you?

The internet is not saturated, you can start selling or creating content even today (I even have an article about this, take a look later) but that’s what happens in a new neighbourhood, there are still no stores, restaurants or workshops, if if you arrive first and open a store and start to earn a lot, whoever arrives after a while and also open a store, to be able to be your competition will have to have a lot of quality, compared or above your products, because otherwise, it won’t even come to be considered a competitor.

That’s how the internet works, right now create a profile on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin with the name of your company, dear entrepreneur, and start showing the whole world what you do or what you sell.

Maybe you have a physical space, but if you don’t have an online space, you only exist for your neighbour, when you could have more international notoriety if you had a social media profile, don’t despise the power of social media to make you rich only showing what you do or what you sell.

Don’t use social networks just for leisure, they have the power to inform you because the big companies around the world are on social networks, you will know how they work and learn from their strategies.

Best of all, you can create content linked to your business.

It’s likely that you have a business, even if you don’t have a physical space, that doesn’t make you a ghost, you would be a ghost if you had a physical space but you didn’t have an internet presence… the internet today is working as the real world, I dare say it’s more real than the real world because imagine with me, I live in Angola, a country on the coast of the African continent, and you are the owner of AliExpress but this same AliExpress is not on the internet, it doesn’t have a website, let alone profile on social media, just a physical space, how would I know about AliExpress?

That’s why I say that those who aren’t on the internet don’t exist!

Don’t despise the internet and social media, send away the thought that they are bad things, bad is the person who has bad goals when using them… Create an online business or take your physical business and transport it to digital.

Write this reminder: Who is not on the internet doesn’t exist!

But I want to know your point of view, let me know your opinions in the comments.

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Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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