Time doesn’t come back

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

For starters, you need to know that your time is running out, time is not relative as they say, it’s the most valuable resource.

But is the time at our disposal? Is time on our side?

Let’s see, have you noticed that every time you lose a night, even if after losing the night you rest a lot, the lost night isn’t rewarded? The time you had to sleep and didn’t take advantage of it is gone and will never return.

That’s how it’s for our life, time is not at our disposal and much less in our favour, every time we have the opportunity to do something and we procrastinate we are losing the chance to use time in our favour, the point is, you have the power of decision (I hope you do). Time isn’t bad and our enemy, he just isn’t available and in favour of anyone, someone has to take advantage of it to get results whether high, medium or low.

Well, the fact of not being able to go back in time makes time a non-renewable resource, so make the most of your time, whether in a dull, happy, hard time or even your free time, enjoy and enjoy every moment.

In terms of achievements, some projects depend a lot on the execution time invested in them, imagine if you hadn’t started a project year, months, days or weeks ago, would you have the same results as today?

If you didn’t start investing in the stock market in a while, would you have the experience and results you have today?

These are just a few examples of things we do, but you can think of other examples that apply to you, it all depends on the runtime.

The best time to start a project is today and the best time to execute is now, yesterday is gone and tomorrow you have no domain so your power is in today, it is in now!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I’ve mourned and cried for things that could have started, those that started when we thought today are farther away, but I don’t mean to measure your process with other people’s processes, no, I just want to say that if you started before you would also be far away, but since we do not dominate tomorrow, I dare say that maybe.

Look at a teenager, think of your nephew or grandson, even a child you’ve seen born, develop and grow up, who would have thought that today he would be the way he is? Has anyone travelled in the future to see what it would be like and come back again undisturbed? No, even we admire the growth but that’s because there was a time to be born, a time to grow and develop and today it’s grown and big.

Enjoy doing today, leave tomorrow for tomorrow, worry about now, it all depends on now (I’m feeling like a coach haha, just kidding) it’s what I experienced that led me to this conclusion.

As you don’t know tomorrow, enjoy writing on Medium, all free time write, before going to work write, you’ll have the results tomorrow.

All these are seeds, they take time to sprout, they take time to grow and they take time to bear fruit, but the time for the fruit is correct when you know how to take advantage of your time, taking care, watering and investing.

I want this article to inspire you, so I wish all writers/readers much success and that tomorrow you are grateful and happy with your results, all because you invested in them now!



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