The worst minimum wage among 10 African countries in 2021

I must mention that they are beautiful countries to visit because of their natural beauty, tourism reigns in Africa

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The minimum wage is not always low and this depends a lot on the economy of a country, but this does not happen when it comes to Africa, because here the countries are never economically well and this affects the population, it affects everything in the society of this country.

That’s why I’ve brought you some countries and their minimum wages so that you can get to know them before visiting them because being economically bad doesn’t mean that the country doesn’t have resources or wealth to get out of this mould, anyway, let’s get started…


In the industry sector, the minimum wage within the working day, which is 8 hours of daily work, varies from 4,390.00 MTn (metical) to 12,760.00 MTn and that converted into US dollars is $69.09 to $200.81


The minimum wage in South Africa is 3,817.41 rand which in US dollars is $266.33



After so much searching I found sites only with information from data from years before 2021, but I found one that the average salary is $487.11 without forgetting that there is also the Namibian rand and the Namibian dollar, but the Google converter does not have the rand Namibian only South African



The minimum wage in Tanzania is 594,406.08 Tanzanian shillings, that for a waiter job, in US dollars it is $256.32



The minimum wage in Zambia is 13,184.60 Zambian kwacha which in US dollars is $581.85, where a family of 4 spends monthly 33,156 Zambian kwacha which in US dollars is $1,463.21 (my God Zambia is expensive), from the minimum wage of each country you can see which country is more expensive compared to others.


The minimum wage in Zimbabwe is 6,944.45 rand which in US dollars is $484.43, other sites have found the minimum 4,727.64 rand wage which in US dollars is $329.79



The minimum wage in Nigeria is 49,177.17 naira (Nigerian currency) which in US dollars is $119.51 and for a family of 4 the monthly expenses are estimated at 959,593 naira which in US dollars is $2,332.09



The minimum wage in Kenya is 25,010.94 Kenyan shilling which in US dollars is $231.69, I chose to take a waiter’s salary from the list of professions because it doesn’t compare with other professions.



The minimum wage in São Tomé and Príncipe is 4,3804 doublings, which in US dollars is $94



And finally, I couldn’t leave out Angola, where the minimum wage varies between 21,545.00 to 32,181.00 kwanzas which in US dollars are $33.48 to $50.00, the lowest wage among the 10 countries we mentioned, without forgetting we’ve already recorded a video about being able to survive in Angola with a minimum wage, here everything is more expensive, you spend more than you earn.


You can watch the video in my YouTube channel



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