Subjects that a lot of people hate and I didn’t know about it

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Dear writers/readers, even I was amazed at the number of people who hate these topics and most of the time I write about them and I haven’t had good results because a lot of people hate the topics.

The first subject that many people hate is Entrepreneurship… Who would have thought?

I once wrote an article where I explain that we are all entrepreneurs because we write on Medium, and I had negative feedback a lot of people do not believe in entrepreneurship because of the countless people who used it to cheat and extract money from those who least dominate the subject.

Do you know what I read in a comment? I agree with you on some aspects but I can’t agree on everything because I hate entrepreneurship and almost everyone who calls themselves entrepreneurs is not’’.

This impressed me because the world is evolving and a large part of this evolution is due to entrepreneurship, mainly in digital… I started to reflect that people lie a lot about the life they are leading (but I had to research many cases).

Even on Medium some writers pretend to be earning thousands of dollars, using images of other people’s results as their own and then selling courses they created all for money, are you impressed? Yeah, I was too, and I’m still trying to figure out how normal human beings can get to this level.

Despite everything I worry because I’m an entrepreneur, as a fisherman seeks his livelihood at sea, my sea is the internet, where I create free content to reach the right people and achieve monetization, everything I’ve told here I found the same thing happening in YouTube, I read many comments from subscribers and non-subscribers insulting and ridiculing many creators simply for talking about entrepreneurship.

Another subject I’ve found people hate is Finance…I had no idea.

If we all knew more about finances maybe we would be more careful with our money, maybe we would be more successful and we would know how to invest rather than spend on unnecessary things.

Dear writers/readers these subjects are necessary and we must lose the taboo of talking about them, if many of us were raised and taught about financial education as adults we would have different results in our professional life…

So, as much as many hate these topics it doesn’t change the fact that they need to be addressed and that more and more people need to learn about them, now with liars, we need to be careful and careful not to fall for any scam.

Today there are many ways to undertake on the internet without having to sell content, in this case, info-products and whatever it is, content creation is one of the best options, be it video for YouTube or writing on Medium and these are the ideas more basic you can much more, earn with website revenue and much more.

I only talked about two topics but I could mention many examples, in reality for someone this can be bullshit, maybe because they are stable in their job but in reality for others, those who do not and do not comply with the salary, it is a powerful tool in their hands, it all depends on how you see and use it.

Entrepreneurship, Finance, Investments and much more are tools that we can use in our favour for personal and social growth, if you undertake you can generate jobs, for those who create content, there is a fae who needs someone to create scripts, edit and much more.

Much success to all writers/readers.



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