People work to get rich

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Maybe you’re getting a very obvious first impression of the title and image but what made me write this article is that even in the middle of 2021 there are people who believe they can get rich just on salary — which is not impossible using some cleverness but only your salary, however large it may be, will not enrich you.

In fact… the higher the salary, the higher the tax rate and bills for houses, cars and more. A job is very good for those who are unemployed, but for those who are employed, they know and feel how unsatisfactory it’s to live on a salary, it’s often not a low salary, a good salary, but as Uncle Ben says. powers come great responsibilities to handle…

But for the unemployed, it’s a great starting point to have a job, but to be rich? No, it goes far beyond having a salary and now know how to get rich without depending on the salary:

- You need to start investing a part of the money you use for leisure, once or twice it won’t kill you, buy cryptocurrencies, study the stock market, know the market and invest in stocks.

- You need to be an entrepreneur, you can read more about why we need to be an entrepreneur by clicking on this article, there is always something you can do without trying too hard, talent or any skill you can make it remunerative, you can use this skill or talent to help people, the market is full of problems and you can create a solution and people will come to you.

- Create a digital business, you can read more about why we should undertake on the internet in this article, today the world is digital and there are things that tomorrow will cease to exist and it isn’t too far from happening, physical stores will one day cease to exist I believe, everything will be via order, the pandemic showed us that, those who didn’t put their business on digital lost a lot of money at the time of the pandemic.

Applying these examples you will be able to build your road to reach wealth, not only with your salary, don’t think this way, do something to earn you money besides receiving a salary just so you can get rich, but talking seems easy, entrepreneurship is hard, as well as being employed.

And for those who think they can get rich just with a salary, maybe it’s possible, there are jobs where the salary is absurd, but there are minimum wages, for those who have this type of salary, I don’t believe they can get rich only with this salary.

I don’t know so much about the reality of many countries but here in Africa properly in Angola I have a salary above the minimum but even so, I can hardly have the kind of life I want to have and give my family, to be able to provide the best I became an entrepreneur beyond of being employed.

This article was just an outburst, as it is very difficult to live only on wages, you have to reinvent yourself, I had to do what I ended up advising here, I became an investor in the stock market and cryptocurrencies and I have digital businesses that are the only way I can go further and I can’t stay with this whole experience without sharing it with you.

Relying on salary imprisons your talents and gifts that could earn you more money than salary.

I wish all writers/readers every success.



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