My November Earnings

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Medium stats

I can start by saying SEO on Medium is awesome right?

Well that’s what I found and you can see in my statistics, something happened that I always wanted, that the views were more internal than external, I have 20 to 28% of external views, and these last few days the views have increased a little more than usual and that’s thanks to a story I posted.

The story that has gained many views

The story is My October Earnings, amazing right? I even believed that the distribution arrived for me, it’s been more than a week that this story has gained a lot of views, in fact, it only has 100, this is very rare in my stories.

But it was a promise I made, every month at the end or beginning of the next month I would post my stats here to show you if it’s worth it or not and if you’re doing something wrong.

And from my thoughts I’m doing well, remembering that I’m a new writer on the platform.

What could I notice throughout the month?

I managed to realize that it’s not about writing every day, you can do this, some try to match the earnings with several articles with low and medium values, when you write less and improve its quality, in this case, your articles will have more accesses and the gain will be better.

Just look at this image:

Partner Program Stories

I wrote almost every day but at the end of the month I hit the brakes for a test run and realized that the only article I’ve written that has been able to be found and given to other readers is ‘‘My October Earnings’’

Who doesn’t want to understand the platform better? Who doesn’t want to know what the other writer did to earn what he earns?

Yes, it is this type of article that most new writers on the platform are looking for, I am one of them.

And this is the total (remembering that in the image are the items with values ​​above the ones below that I didn’t show)

Total earning

And what did you think of my results? Last month was better but this one I learned more, I only had a dollar difference, let me know in the comments what you think, hugs!

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