My December Earning

Writing almost every month on Medium

2 min readJan 3, 2022
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Whenever a new month comes in I usually publish my statistics from the previous month and consequently my earnings, for what?

To help every new writer on the platform as well as me to continue, because I’m getting results, small but they are the result of my work.

But I’m afraid this is the last time I do it, not because of the pessimistic comments I get from people who think I shouldn’t rejoice in small gains, but because usually, articles like these are related to Medium itself, Medium itself doesn’t distribute.

I discovered this recently by reading Medium’s terms.

Let’s get down to business.

December was better than October because I had more internal than external views and this resulted in better results in my earnings, analyze on this chart that I never reached 100 views a day but in December it was possible.

The article that brought me these views

my November earnings

I can say that I was amazed and expectant because these views were constant in 5 days from 100 to more than 100 views, with 80 to 90% internal views.

Now let’s get to the gains, compared to November December was better without a doubt, I believed I could earn more and I worked and here is the result

total of my November earnings

I need to go further, I went from $1 to $3 and $4 this means I can go further as you can see I left all these numbers and got to $15.95, it’s a good result in my view and so I’m moving forward if I’m getting results you too can not give up.

My goal as I said at the beginning is to make people see my growth, from $1 to $1000 or more for one day not to say it was luck, but work.

If you’re not a writer on Medium I invite you to write, you won’t have anything to lose, what you lose don’t consider loss but learning, sign up for Medium through my link if you want to support me, it’s $5 monthly or $50 annually and stay Feel free to comment here, hugs and happy new year to everyone!