3 min readSep 28, 2021
Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

I always wondered a lot about this and being honest I didn’t understand, I grew up with so many people that today our relationship is via social networks because they left the country too early.

I didn’t have that much notion of the state of the country and not only, the whole continent! A lot of middle and upper-class people because they were more connected to government affairs already predicted how the country would be in a few years so they left the country early.

It didn’t take long to realize what kind of country I am in, in fact, it shouldn’t even be called a country but anyway, here you grow up hearing your parents and family complaining about the government, that the government steals, that the government is corrupt, that everything that is done in the country is about Nepotism, a lot of things… As time went on I began to see with my own eyes, the health in the country is a pity, even the basic food basket, food is very expensive, education is the worst in the world (perhaps education is the biggest reason that leads even the middle and upper class to leave the country), but the lower class have also been able to leave the country, what worries me the most is that here in this nation there is the miserable class.

The leaders of the nation steal from the people, use the money of the country to send abroad and they then move with the whole family, a lot of hunger in the country, children dying because of basic sanitation that does not exist in this nation and this is not only here in Angola, this is happening in almost the entire African continent, if you are Angolan and you are reading this article, I am sorry to disappoint you if you know nothing about the current state of the nation.

So Africans, in general, abandon their nation because not everyone has the same opportunity, here you have to grate on the impossible to have and give the basics to your family. After all, what we seek is only the basics, so we do not import us to be cleaners in other countries since the salary will provide the basics, food, education, and health and this we do not have here in Africa.

If you work as a cleaner here the salary is 21.000 kwanzas (the currency of Angola) and for you to have an idea in dollars would be $32.19, this is the minimum wage of a cleaner here in Angola, and there are jobs that you worse than that, not even food comes, the school for children, it serves for nothing, not even for the taxi, as a father of a family would provide the best this way for your home? That is why Angolans immigrate.

There are many causes, some immigrate in search of better living conditions and arrive abroad and rest instead of being hardworking, they compromise and even shame our people, some when they immigrate in search of better living conditions and do very well, gaining prominence in areas that we could not believe it was possible to this I applaud and wish success.

The African by essence is very hardworking, but one can not deny that there are many lazy, especially the children of the middle and upper classes who are abroad, many of them are the most shaming of our culture, people, and ethnicity, but value the Africans who are in Europe, America because they are hardworking and just want better living conditions for their families.

With this, I finish saying that the Africans are suffering.