I honestly don’t believe that Medium is dying

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Today this is one of the topics that is most discussed here on the platform, but do you want to know? YOU SHOULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!

I’m fully aware of the changes that have taken place on the platform because a lot of great writers have started writing about how their earnings have gone down and many if not all of them are inspirational models for a lot of new writers (new people on the platform).

But do you know what I found? Even so, many new people are doing well despite the changes that have taken place on the platform, I recently got to know the profile of Jenn Leach who had a change in her earnings from September to October and she explains what she did to make this happen.

So don’t follow these great writers’ advice to abandon Medium.

What I think about this

I’ll be honest and blunt, when these great writers came to Medium they didn’t have a lot of competition in ways they made a lot of bucks with their articles but now it’s different we have a lot of quality writers and the competition has increased exponentially, tell me something, you think are they happy about it?

That’s why they use their influence to discourage you and make you leave Medium and look that a lot of people have already given up.

Don’t follow any advice, will this advice take you where you want to go? Not? So ignore him, follow the advice of those who are overcoming even these changes are taking place on the platform, because for me it’s better to persist than to give up, you’ve come a long way to get here, you won’t give up now!

Sinem Günel has been helping new writers and has been a great inspiration for me, in the midst of all this chaos on the platform, she has managed to gain success here, so why follow who is failing?

Stay tuned!

Medium is not dying, Medium is not dead, repeat Medium is not dead.



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