How to open an international bank account

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Let’s see, this content is intended for all types of people who want to receive international payments, whether you are a digital entrepreneur or just someone who wants to shop in all the major e-commerce in the world and you can take a look at this article below on how I receive payments internationally.

There are already facilitators, if I may call it that, that help in this process, they are the digital banks, they work as intermediaries, get to know the first one…


TransferWise, Wise, how to sign up wise, how to receive payments wise
wise logo

Wise is a digital bank where you can have different currencies from many countries in which they have a contract, a dollar account can only be opened in the United States right? That’s what Wise does, you attach your documents and they open this account for you.

Conditions for having a Wise account

Regardless of the currency, they will open an account for you in the country in which this currency is the main one and the requirements are:

- Identity documents, can be Passport, ID or driving license
- Add $20 (if you want a dollar account) which is the amount to open the account

And if it’s euro?

Add €20 and they will open an account in any country that is within the European Union.

This is how Wise works and after the account or accounts are opened you will have access to the account data that you will use to receive international payments, and best of all?

If you are in any country with which they have a contract, you will have the privilege to issue a Visa card and they will send you to your location, as simple as that!

Let’s go to the second one?


payoneer, how to open an account in payoneer, how to open a payoneer account, global payments, how to receive payments, how to receive global payments
payoneer logo

Payoneer is a digital bank aimed at freelancers, online store owners in this case those who have e-commerce and digital entrepreneurs.

Requirements to have a Payoneer account

The process is the same as for Wise but Payoneer has some more restrictions…

- You cannot receive payments from personal accounts, only business accounts can send you money, you can send money to any account.

- They don’t receive money because the recipients are a company outside of their policies and terms of use, and this has already complicated me a lot.

- To activate your account and have bank details, you must work on a platform that has a partnership with Payoneer and the payment method is via Payoneer.

- You can only issue a MasterCard if the payments you receive are made by Global Payments Service.

The rest is the rest, it’s an excellent digital bank, actually the one I use the most, as I’m a digital entrepreneur and freelancer.

This is how I taught my people to open an international bank account without travelling for the same purpose, as in some African countries we face bureaucracy in having a MasterCard or Visa.

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