How much did I earn on Medium in September as a beginner?

My screen capture
As a beginning writer this is my September results
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How did I get started on Medium?

Hi, my dear writers and readers, I am very happy to write this article for you, I know that some of you are on a whole different level here on the platform and I also know that many are starting like me so I want to show you the fruits of my labours. just a month of writing on the platform.

My story on Medium started when I watched a video on YouTube about this platform and the content creator talked about how he made money writing which is what he loves to do, I identified myself because I also love writing and I want to become a professional at it every day. pass, I created my account in February and posted some articles, without knowledge of the platform, today I deleted them, I didn’t want to give you the bad taste of seeing how terrible they were, thinking about it today is very funny.

Why did I stop writing on Medium?

I got frustrated because I thought that when posting an article the views would come, but I was wrong and another bigger reason is that my country is not eligible to process payments on Stripe, oh how it pissed me off, well, I abandoned the platform.

What made me come back on Medium

As time went by I got to know Vocal Media (I think many do) through this content creator on YouTube and there I started to study the platform and understand how it works and I saw that many writers there gave tips on how to grow on Medium, just reading this name I got irritated, I thought it could only be persecution, I avoided it many times but I ended up reading and studying the platform.

That’s when I understood that the important thing is not just writing, but writing quality content, this quality is what will attract retention, on Vocal I discovered the Medium communities on Facebook and there I met many fascinating writers, many of them I’m learning to admire them, are excellent.

So I decided to go back to writing on Medium but writing with quality, valuable content so that when someone reads they feel helped or gain a new idea that will contribute to their success, I already do it on my YouTube channel but writing is different, it’s something inexplicable.

One more reason to continue

And these are my results, I gained in just one month 60 followers although some stop following me, something I don’t understand but it happens everywhere, but those here I appreciate it, only in September I closed the month with $1.77 and for me, it is a great achievement because in the past I didn’t earn a penny and now I’ve earned a dollar.

Where do I want to go

But I don’t want to stop here, the universe of writing is vast, there are many galaxies to discover and explore, I want to reach levels of becoming a full-time writer but this will only be possible if the quality of my writing grows a lot, no one can ignore content with a lot of quality and value.

I wrote this article just to show you how I’m starting, when I reach other levels everyone will know it was for working hard in this life as a writer, I hope that many will identify and that many feel motivated, don’t give up, no one gets to a thousand without passing by one and that’s how I end my article.

To all writers and readers, I wish every success.




Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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