Good story but the chosen photo doesn’t match the text

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If you clicked on this story it is because maybe you identified yourself, maybe you have already made this mistake several times and today you are no longer in this situation or because it is still something you are trying to overcome.

I think this is super normal, but until a certain time, for beginners, it is very normal for this to happen but it’s no excuse to stay this way, and I always have advice or a tip for those who start, Be an analyst of the stories of those who are better than you, follow the best writers and be very appreciative, this way you will understand in a not so deep way how the writer’s mind works, the images he uses, the structure of his stories for different niches, the marriage of image with the story and more.

It’s not that difficult to marry images with stories, you just need to use your imagination, train the way you visualize things, when you think about something, how does it appear in your mind?

Right, following this line of thinking you will be able to match images with texts or better yet, you can be inspired to write stories just by seeing images, whatever your niche, images are materialized illustrations so they can contribute to your creativity or on your inspiration to write.

Let the truth be told, often their stories are not accessed because the image does not convey curiosity in readers, the same happens with the titles of the stories, but this is a subject for another story, maybe your story is impeccable because you dedicated many hours building it but the wrong image can hide the potential of your stories, I’m writing this because I know it’s a reality among many writers, sometimes they get it right, sometimes not and the views are balanced, sometimes they grow, sometimes not.

As I mentioned above, it’s not so difficult to match images with your stories, get in the habit of searching in image banks, we have the facility to have an image bank in Medium, so go training, open an image bank and search for things you would like to write, the image that most matches your idea and illustrates best what you want to write, USE IT.

No matter what niche, image banks were developed for this purpose, there is an image for everything, you just need to know how to use the right words, in this case, they are keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) to work.

We, humans, are attracted by what we see, we like beautiful things that catch our attention, if something doesn’t catch your attention I have my doubts that you will take the time to see, this is super functional, knowing that you already have a great advantage, get the most out of it and you’ll see it works.

Now, it’s no use having good images for what you write and what you write doesn’t have as much quality, what you write has no value for readers, if you proceed like this, what will happen is even if you write well other times people will already be aware that you don’t write well and won’t click on your stories.

Have you ever seen someone liar? I believe so, one day, however much he tells the truth, will it be taken for granted? Think about it, this applies to you as a writer.

It’s normal at first not to know how to match images with their stories, but don’t stay that way for a long time, believe in me, it will work.



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