Find out why I missed Medium monetization

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What I will tell you here may be the case for many.

It’s been a while, but I’m just now feeling good enough to talk about it with you.

Since I created my Medium account in February 2021, the platform still hasn’t changed the requirements to be part of the Medium Partner Program.

So it just clicked to be part of the partnership and create a Stripe account (that name still causes me mental wear) in creating the Stripe account everything went well until I started receiving emails that I couldn’t link my Medium account with Stripe.

One of the biggest reasons for not being able to partner with Medium

I understood the reason and I spoke with a very close cousin who’s living in France to do this for me, do you understand why?

Yes, I live in a country that isn’t on the Medium list.

There he did and nothing, try after try, you know what’s funny? Even VPN service I paid to solve this and, I couldn’t.

So with some time on Medium, I was just creating and monetizing everything but I never managed to get it until a moment came when I had to decide whether to continue like this or give up everything to start over.

Until I tried again and they told me they couldn’t link my Medium account with Stripe because my Medium account poses risks to consumers of my content and so they couldn’t activate it, they told me in the end that because For this reason, I could not process payments and they would deactivate the account and did so.

Medium Partner Program denied, Stripe account, close account, no payment
It´s in Portuguese my mother language.

I gave up on the Medium Partner Program

It was then that I gave up my precious $30… yes, it was a great pain to imagine an aspiring writer who achieved this feat as it is my first experience making money writing.

I didn’t stop there I kept trying and when I asked to partner with Medium they refused me simply because I don’t live in a Medium partner country, anyway.

That I got tired of trying to be part of the Medium Partner Program? I got tired, but let’s take some time, look for solutions or someone help to solves this.

Medium email, Medium Partner Program Criteria, Email about criteria
Medium email

Also worth mentioning that I’ve watched YouTube videos from great creators here on the platform teaching how to receive payments without needing Stripe but they don’t work for me I’m giving them the one-month time they said to try the partnership again.

Until then I will be updating here with information for those who are interested and are going through the same thing as me so I wish you success and achievements.



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