Financial power! What an incredible feeling.

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This may seem like a little thing but for me it is historical I will always tell this, it was the first time we took a family trip, me, my wife, our 9-month-old baby and my sister-in-law, my wife’s sister.

We travelled to the south of Angola, our country, in the Huíla state (Lubango), we went to answer a wedding invitation from my father’s younger sister, my aunt, and we wanted to take advantage of the days before the wedding to tour the city and relax from all tiredness. from the capital of the country, we come from.

Often these are things that we always dream of but never realize, and with this experience I realized that to travel you don’t need to talk a lot, just prepare the money and launch yourself into the adventure and that’s how we did it.

At first, it hit that tightness in my stomach, what can go wrong? Stop thinking about these things and go, forget about work, forget about anything else that might keep you from enjoying your family trip.

And deep down I was proud of having gone as far as paying for travel tickets for the family, when my wife accepted me as a boyfriend, many people despised me, her friends stopped being friends all because she was left with a poor man, I always tried to do my best to be a supportive husband and father, but my wife knew my plans and vision for life.

We got together and life got better and today I’m here, paying the trip for all of us, maybe it’s just in another state of the country but it’s a start, tomorrow I’ll be able to prepare better for an international trip.

What an incredible feeling! Some things are resolved when you have financial power, believe me, dear writer/reader, money can contribute a lot to our happiness, things that will add value to us as a family and respect is deserved.

King christ (Medicare Club)

We went to the wedding, got to know the city and its sights, come to Angola and visit Tunda-Vala a road made in the mountains that form the most beautiful natural curves, in the same city we have an imitation if I can call it Christ the Redeemer, but the do Brasil is a thousand times bigger but the view is still amazing.

We ate the typical food of the region, we drink the typical drink of the region, the south of Angola is colder than the north because the south is the highest area of ​​the country, it’s above, whereas, in the north where the capital is, it’s below a descent.

There is no better feeling to provide for the family, this is the role of a husband and father, providing wonderful times for your wife and children, but poverty is the enemy of happiness in homes, there is so much to enjoy when you have power. financial, don’t despise those who don’t have it at the moment, one day you can have it, the world always turns.

This isn’t to say that poor families are not happy and that money brings happiness, if that were the case we wouldn’t have so many unhappy rich families, with suicide histories and much more, which also happens in poor families but less often, but I want to say that there are things I wanted my father or mother to provide for me and they didn’t do it because they didn’t have money.

But today I can do it differently, I worked smart a lot to get here.

Financial power! What an incredible feeling.




Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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