3 min readSep 20, 2021
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For underdeveloped countries where the level of employability is extremely high (I speak from experience) the solution isn’t in people who are in a high position in society (in government) to put you in some area even if you aren’t skilled, that is already very wrong!

The solution comes from entrepreneurship because, in a society where there are no jobs for the lower class, even the middle and upper class have problems.

And we can start by creating businesses that come to solve the problems that arise from the crisis, home delivery services because many people are lazy to go shopping and this service solves it, you put together a team of agile people who can understand your vision and collaborate with you, create an application with this goal and launch, work on the promotion and let the magic happen.

In many homes in a time of heat or even cold the air conditioning breaks down or heater, assemble a team of people, explain your vision and move forward with the project and share profits, is an idea but that generates salary for others.

And I don’t need to mention here the difficulties of entrepreneurship, not everything is a bed of roses, of course, but the good thing about it all is that when you launch you help more than benefit yourself, you generate employment and so more people will have their source of livelihood.

I could cite many examples of businesses to create because I know what I’m talking about as an African that I am, our reality is super different from Europe and America, not so much America because I also know the difficulties of other countries in the American continent, not everything is the United States, but let’s always complain about life?

Business Ideas

Many people have academic problems, difficulties in some subjects at school and you may be gifted with intelligence and have no difficulties, how about creating an advertising flyer announcing that you give explanations at home or even at school?

You could have already created your job without depending on the government to help you, because the government, especially in African countries, doesn’t care much about the people, so open your eyes to the opportunities. Create snack packs and go in companies, because a lot of employees in their break time don’t like the company food that much, how about introducing them to something different? Fast Food or even a lunch, without thinking so much I have already given one more idea.

It’s amazing how creating a business can affect many lives generating jobs, supporting families, allowing those who didn’t have, this gives hope in people, citizens can greatly influence the economic growth of the country and the power of entrepreneurship is in this, I can even say that I still have no notion of the power that entrepreneurship can make happen.

For these facts, I believe that entrepreneurship is the solution I believe that even in developed countries many people after creating your business and it becomes a solution drop their jobs to devote themselves only to your business and I know some examples of people who have created their businesses.

The owner of KFC, the owner of Mc Donald… until today people consume and are in almost every country in the world, this is the power of entrepreneurship, in this story, I will not write about digital entrepreneurship and I want to commit to bringing this topic to the next story.


I hope you enjoyed it, I am happy for the opportunity to write on Medium, I wish success to all.