Money does not bring happiness

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Whenever I hear this phrase I ask myself how it came about, I think about the possible events that could give rise to this phrase, perhaps someone who misused the use of money? Maybe someone who scorned all the people they loved in pursuit of wealth and after achieving it felt alone? There are so many things I keep thinking about.

And I conclude that the person who possibly created this sentence had a bad experience with money, did not use the money well, because money does not transform anyone, you need to be, money gives you the status of having and not being, so when people become rich, money brings out the true personality of those same people.

My sincere thoughts!

But what if we all sought to be rich for problem-solving? I think this phrase is misapplied because if my mother is very sick and I have enough money to pay for the best hospital and she can be helped, I will be very happy. After all, financial power solves problems that would not be solved without money.

If my grandmother has cancer and I can’t pay for her consultations, I will be very sad to see my grandmother die little by little, and this is the case of many people, but if I have financial power this would also be solved, let’s not make excuses saying that money corrupts, that only those who are rich can say so… it’s like talent, a person needs to be humble before being acclaimed or praised, otherwise fame and praise will make their true personality come out.

There are so many examples that I can give here, but I know that if you are reading this you have already started to think of moments that you have lived through that because of not having financial power you did not have something or you could not enjoy something and we can see this in the difference of reality in the society in which we find ourselves, your classmate in the same class on holiday travels to Europe with his family, another has a mobile phone of upper-class people, others are from the middle class and perhaps you were the one from the lower class and all this in the same school as those of different class… financial power solves many problems, there are people who do not know what it is to go hungry, but it is not their fault if they are born in an upper or middle-class family.

Everyone has their reality

Not all of us have had the upbringing that we would like or that our parents wanted for us, we have had to adapt to what we can do because our parents didn’t have the financial power, but if I could do this for my children I would be very happy, to have the ability to be able to make them study in the best places with the best monitoring and instruction of the best academics that would give me a mental rest and all these problems and others the financial power solves and everything that the financial power solves shows us that MONEY CAN CONTRIBUTE TO OUR HAPPINESS, so at the beginning of the text I mentioned that this sentence is quite out of place.

Final remarks and conclusion

So what did you think of this idea, money brings happiness? I want to count on your clap because it will contribute a lot to my motivation to write and it’s already available to subscribe, so I invite you to read the other stories in my profile, hugs!




Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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