Do you believe the internet is saturated?

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This is the fear of many people, they think that there is no space on the Internet to create content, but is this true?

For a while I saw other content creators succeeding, many of them started with me but they succeeded first and I thought it was about not having more space on the internet.

But do you know what the truth is? This is a complete lie!

Today I call this limiting belief, and you can believe that it will limit you to having results on the internet.

There is always space for everyone on the internet!

We are in an era of hundreds and thousands of content creators, internet entrepreneurs and it seems that it will not be possible, believe me, it will be possible… there will always be people for all types of creators, there will always be an audience to consume your content, sooner or later there will be people who will identify with you and they will be faithful to your content and you.

When I started to think like that I started to get results because I started to deliver solutions to problems that people from my country and my city often lived, I had the same problems but when I learned how to solve them, I started to create videos for YouTube teaching how to solve them.

And that’s how the internet works!

So forget about this stuff just to piss off, the internet isn’t saturated, aspiring creators just don’t know what to deliver.

If you want a space on the internet you have to be a problem solver, you will only be able to build a loyal audience if everything you deliver is a novelty and a solution, then yes you are on the right path.

Even in a few years there will still be room for those who want to start, starting first doesn’t mean anything, many who start today can succeed those who have been creating longer, so it’s a matter of solving in an engaging way where you’ll be becoming closer to those who consume your content.

Change your mind, act different and be dedicated and the results will be consequences, it is like a seed, you only need to place it in fertile and moist soil, watering when necessary, sprouting and growing will be a consequence.

I hope I have helped you, there is a way to help me, subscribe to Medium with my referral link which is $5 monthly or $50 annually and engage with this content, this is the way to support my work, I wish you every success in your content creation journey.




Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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Dad, Husband, Youtube Creator and Creative Writer

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