Are we prepared to become viral in the medium?

This can happen from day to night.

2 min readDec 8, 2021

Oh, I imagine one day I wake up and open the medium and notice for notifications hundreds of notifications, many followers simultaneously and many answers in stories.

I confess that I am not prepared, that would be surreal to me and the funny thing is that I have been working to reach this level hahaha.

But I would like some writer who has already had his viral stories in the medium, comment here as it was, I am expectant to read your testimony.

I believe that even many veterans on the platform when they began as much as they intended to make a passive income with their writing here in the medium did not know what it would be like to become famous.

I’m glad everyone continues on the growing and growing platform.

Let’s see, I have a story My November Earnings only this week I had more than 100 views a day Just because of this story, I thought it was incredible, I thought, did the distribution come to my story?

Maybe yes, no, it happens that this story made me think about it if I’m glad to have more than 100 views in 3 consecutive days and when you have 1.000 or 10.000 views a day?

It is a possibility, who is coming now know that I have already disappointed when I started writing in the medium without knowing the platform but I returned after a time of study…

I believe there are many new writers here that are already living this, their stories are already distributed and are already having wonderful gains, this story is to call you here, I would like to know you and tell me your stories.

But tell me, are you prepared to become viral in the medium?