Am I an entrepreneur if I am a writer on the Medium platform?

Well, my dear readers, it is not new these days to hear about entrepreneurship and even so the need to address more and more grows and with it comes to a doubt that now we will be well clarified.

Let’s see, the act of being an entrepreneur is having the autonomy to use the best skills to create something different and with value, with commitment, by dedicating the necessary time and effort, assuming the financial, physical and social risks.

One very important thing, all effort is null if your creation does not add value.

Now, where does the Medium platform come in?

What is the Medium platform? We can start like this, it’s a platform for writers and readers to live by their writings, reaching people, adding value to their writings and much more, just for that it requires commitment and commitment requires time, usually, they say Time is money, well, if it involves time, it soon becomes an investment.

And what can you create on Medium? Articles and stories for lovers of writing and reading, time is very valuable and you wouldn’t waste your time if what you committed to creating didn’t pay you I don’t know anything about this much that invests time and has no return, however that is not monetary or tangible.

I want in a few words in this article to say that yes, you are an entrepreneur if you write here on Medium because you invest your knowledge, creativity and time in the platform to reach readers, people looking for quality and value that they can take with them in life and your daily life.

Being an entrepreneur stopped being a beast when digital became a reality in the world, digital entrepreneurship made it easier for everyone to be able to undertake on the internet because in the past people had to be talking about their business but today you just need to create a profile of your business on social networks and publicize it with plans and reach goals.

Now tell me, is writing on Medium entrepreneurial or not? (leave me answers my dear ones)

And as every investment has a profit, you will have your deserved profit, be it good, medium or low profit, everything will depend on your commitment, we have witnessed here on the platform people who are full-time writers, but why? Because they invested time and committed themselves to reach people, that’s why I mentioned that the profit is deserved.

To sell a book you need to invest a lot of money in illustrators and printing, it’s a long process, but to make your storey viral on Medium you spend money paying internet, the method is almost the same just the different resources.

Digital entrepreneurship comes with so many tools like Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Organic traffic and Paid traffic, these are just a few examples of some of the best resources at your disposal, but as I said, it all depends on you, nothing is out of nowhere, everything has a process.

And this is my vision of being a writer not just on Medium, Vocal Media or any platform for readers and writers, you are an entrepreneur and your investment is knowledge, the internet and your valuable time, as it is a non-renewable resource we must make good use of it.

And you, what do you think about this? What is your opinion? Leave it in the comments here or on my social networks and let’s talk, I am very interested to know what you think about it.

For all writers and readers, I wish success



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